Sunday, June 1, 2014

One Hell of a Race and Elevated Legs?

Me before the race!

One hell of a race day! Still not sure what happened during my 12 mile race (Dirty 30 12 mile) on Saturday. I felt great the first 6 miles, I did push it a bit too much on the down hills? It was hot but I was well hydrated? . . . At mile 8 my quads started to cramp up a bit . . . been there . . . I knew I just had to just walk it off and I would be fine. I have run this course two other times during a 50K race, so I was familiar with the course. The cramping got progressively worse and for the most part during the climbing. So the last 4 miles were painful and a total slog, but I was running by the last mile. After the race they had a ten minute free trial of Elevated Legs (, after I finished my legs were completely locked up and I could bend them. After ten minutes or so of pain, I thought I was going to pass out and I was told that I was pale as a ghost; it was painful. I over heard a sports trainer say that,'this is serous we need to get an IV in him, go get the ambulance' but the ambulance had already left with someone. For the first 45 minutes I was on the verge of passing out – well I lost the color in my face, super light headed, my legs were locked, and it was super painful. It was like my quads were in a continuous flex for 45 minutes straight – like rocks and on and off for the hour after. I was in bad shape and ended up laying in the grass for two hours unable to get up. Eventually I was able to get up on my own and hobble to the car.

So was I dehydrated? Not ready for the race? Were my electrolytes low? Was it the the Elevated Legs? Or did I experience some altitude issues? It could be a combination of them all???

So if you are hurting after a run go for the cold creek versus modern tech. Either way it was a rough day.

Today my quads feel shredded!


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