Sunday, March 2, 2014

Starting to Feel a Bit Faster . . . 3 Miles and Super Icy (14° F / -10° C)

Checking my speed with a 3 mile time trial during a Rocky Mountain Road Runners run. 

First I forgot to press start on my watch . . .

OMG! It was way too cold and icy to be running that fast.  Ran 20:40, which is not that bad for the conditions.  They actually swept the course so that you can hopefully see the black ice.  It was single track and if you passed someone, you could feel loosing an inch on every step with the soft blanket of snow.  With that said, I am starting to feel a bit faster with a  much more consistent pace (6:50, 6:50, & 6:55) and I felt I could run much much faster and /or longer in better conditions . . . 

ALSO I played a bit with carb loading and fully restored my glycogen stores, stayed super low carb up until two nights before my Sunday run.   AND I think it made a difference, I felt GOOD; I also took the week off prior, meaning I got a good rest.

So Friday, I had a Chipotle steak bowl no rice, extra black beans, peppers / onions, mild sauce, green sauce, sour cream, cheese, guacamole, and lettuce.   Friday night, I had big helping of grapes and an apple.   Saturday I kind of pigged out a bit, I ate a whole bag of sweet potato chips, an apple, a banana, a big coffee with with heavy cream as usual,  a lettuce wrap double bacon burger, and a large order of  sweet potato fries.  It wasn’t very healthy or the best choice of carbs, but it tasted great.   I am sure there was more food involved, like maybe an ice cream covered with peanut butter . . . I remember blue berries as well . . .???

I will try this again next big run and let you know.  ~SKA


This was my finish . . .


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