Saturday, February 1, 2014

Okay . . . it has been a while. NEW GOAL!

me2Okay . . . it has been a while.  After finishing Rabbit Run 100, I needed a break and I took 3 months off.  I started back the beginning of the year, it wasn’t a new years resolution or anything.  It is just that I found a new goal and I think it will be harder than running a 100, at least for me.  Being a dad, being a full time dad, a full time husband, and a full time teacher,  I couldn’t put the time in needed to feel good running a hundred.  Not that anyone feels good running a hundred . . . you can definitely feel better though.  The months leading up to RRR 100, I was putting in 30+ miles a week.   I can finish a hundred.


My initial reflection after the race . . .  I finished my first 100 mile race!!! Run Rabbit Run in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. My time wasn't what I was shooting for, but I finished STRONG! In fact, I ran the last 10K in under 43 minutes (officially).  Needless to say, it was wet.  Wasn't as bad as it could have been, but 30 degrees at 10,000 feet and pouring ran was not that fun.  I didn't hallucinate like I did at Leadville, but I wish I had.  When running at night on a technical wooded trail, very dark, I was focusing on my feet, then I looked up.   Right in front of me was a hillbilly looking guy covered in blood with a shotgun in his hands.   It scared the hell out of me.   It was a fun run and I had a blast!   I can barely walk right now though . . .


So . . . training for a hundred last year– no speed work, I was able to go sub 40 in a 10K.  Now here is my goal . . . SUB 37?  I am out of breath just tying that . . .  Realistic  . . . Hell no?  I have to go sub 6 for 6 miles, Holy Crap!   I can’t even do that in a 5k  . . . YET!


Let’s Go!!!!



Mutantatoms said...

Love following your "writings" hallucination...that would fuel me for a mile or two!! Keep on keepin' on!

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