Saturday, March 2, 2013

WEEKLY CHECK-IN: Runner’s Knee

SKArunnerNUTRITION: Well, I am 117 days into my ketogenic diet and now I am a lifer.  No really this is a life change; I mean I might have a few “carb” days a year like Christmas, but I can’t see myself following the Standard American Diet (SAD) ever again.  I truly do not miss the food I used to eat, no more rice, pasta, sugar,breads and of course no more doughnuts.   The food I eat is so good, I just ate jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and then wrapped in bacon.  OMG delicious!!!

TRAINING:  I am still very concerned about my power hiking abilities or lack-there-of.   With that said, I still don’t seem to find the time to “power hike” up hill.  I know that is the best training, but if I have the time, I am running.  So why do I keep on signing up for hill climbing races?  . . . I just like it.  And in my mind,  eventually I will be able to run all the hills in an ultra or at least  keep up with my ego.  Now I have time for strength exercises, I can work them in almost anytime during the day.   The last few weeks have been a little intense and I beat myself up.  Runner’s knee seemed to develop and I was hurting for the tail end of the week.  Two of my friends Eric & Anthony suggested, I start adding  unsweetened gelatin to my hot drinks.  They say it is a wonder cure for things like runner’s knee and they were right or it seems that way.  I had a serving of gelatin every day this week and even though my knee hurt right up to Friday.  Anthony told me to drink it at night before bed or it doesn’t work as well.  Friday night I did and it was completely gone for my 18 mile run on Saturday.  I do not know?   Now could it have just been its time and the extra rest paid off?  Maybe, but I was limping all day Friday and woke up Saturday morning and it was completely gone!!!  


One Leg Squats  - 3 X 30

One Leg Lounges  - 3 X 50

Heel Raises – 3 X 30

Swiss Ball Crunches – 3 X 40

Swiss Ball Back Crunches – 3 X30 (only Monday)

Pull-ups – 3 X 12

Chin-Ups – 3 X 12 (only Monday)


I had a great easy 18 mile run Saturday morning – no knee  pain!!!  YES!!!  I took it easy and ended up running with another runner, who happened to start just a few minutes ahead of me.  I talked his ears off.   I was on a ketone buzz.   I felt guilty, but I couldn't or wouldn't shut up.   It was a great run and an amazing day!


Jill said...

Bleh, hope the runner's knee pain stays abate and you don't have to deal with that again. Never heard of gelatin for a cure; that's kind of cool!

I am not working with Lucho anymore but now a new ultra coach; he has a power walk on my plan once/week so that I can learn to utilize the hip stabilizers power walking in ultras - apparently it helps. I get that you need to run when you can, but try the walk....if you have to do it in a race, then it's always good to practice it!

Anonymous said...

It is really the aminos in the gelatin, who knows? I ran another 10 miles today – no pain . . . Yea!!!

Who is your coach now? Do I know him/her?

Jill said...

Ironically, I'm working with Tim Long (Footfeathers).

I haven't been able to walk right since the power walk I did on Monday. Tim told me he power walks 4-5x/week in addition to running. If I'm that sore from power walking, it must be working.

Glad to hear no knee pain - yay!

Unknown said...

Yes indeed, was a great run. Thanks for talking my ear off and keeping me going! - Mike

Valerie said...

My husband is also a runner and he also have problems with his knee. Actually this is always his problem when it comes to joint health issues. He is actually taking a supplement. But I think I would also recommend this unsweetened gelatin to him too. Thanks for sharing your experience by the way.

G. Anthony Kunkel said...

I just googled "runner's knee gelatin" to see if its caught on, but sure enough you're my first hit sharing my own advice with me!

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