Sunday, February 10, 2013

RUNNING GEAR: ProStretch Plus

A few weeks ago, I went for a group run with Brad & friends, it was extremely cold and we all jumped in and started cranking up hill.  I tweaked my calf just a bit right in the beginning and ever since then I have been babying it.  I did some research and I came across these calf stretchers.   I was really curious, but didn’t want to jump just to buy one. 

After the Polar Bear 5k, I met Miguel De La Torre from Catalyst Performance and he had a ProStretch Plus on his table.  I asked him about it because I really wanted to try one out and I did.  He demonstrated how it worked, I tested out and asked him where he got it from.  Then he offered to sell it . . .  and he really hooked me up.  Thanks Man.ProStretchPlus_SKArunner

So what makes it different than all the other stretchers, honestly I don’t know, but it is fully adjustable the others were not.  The heel and toe blocks are removable and can be placed based on foot size.

Is it just a fancy toy to stretch you out? And will we see it on an infomercial soon? I don’t know.  It did feel good while stretching.   I guess my only hold back is that you can over stretch if you are not careful.   If you use it as directed in the videos, it should be fine.  I did over stretch my right calf one day and it made me nervous because I felt it for a day or two, but it went away.  

Let me know if you have use one regularly . . .  or have an opinion.


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