Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pacing? My Heart Trumps My Brain

Stopwatch_SKArunnerWe all know I have never been a smart racer, that is for sure.  Just looking at ANY one of my races I go out way too strong, like a freshman in high school.  Then late on in the race I become Road Kill.   I guess the main reason, like the freshman, is a combination experience and competitive spirit.  I remember receiving and email from a friend, congratulating me on my 50 miler.  “I laughed when I saw mile 13, a 6:30 pace?  What were you thinking? “  And yes it was followed by a BONK.  I am totally driven by emotion and in my mind I am faster than I actually am.   Even though I set outrageous goals, I am having fun and am ‘ok’ when I don’t make them.  I keep telling myself that one day, I will actually be able to maintain that pace.  We will see?  I would like to say I am working on it and I am, but my heart is much stronger than my brain. 

I ran a five mile tempo run on Saturday – Forty Furlongs Five Mile.  Looking at my past races, I figured it would be safe to pace it at a 6:45 per mile; a pace I knew I could hold for 5 miles.  I did go out a bit fast as usual, but not like past races.  I started with a nice 6:10 average for the fist half mile and then settled down to a solid 6:30.  I had my Garmin set for average pace and it was a stable 6:35 average for the first three miles.  Then I started fluctuating a bit and my average went up to 6:37 – imagefatigue was definitely setting in.  Looking at my last mile, it was my fastest and that was my goal.  *Ignore my heart rate, it is time to get a new strap. I am going to buy a Polar strap, it works with the Garmin device and supposedly much better.   Check out my notes. 

My ultimate goal it to be able to hold a 5:30 pace for a 5K.  I figure if I 40 year old can hold a 5:30 pace for the Denver Marathon, I can hold it for a 5K.  This is a secondary goal that will hopefully compliment my ultra goals. 



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