Sunday, February 3, 2013

5K Take Two: A Total Shift in ‘Phil’osophy.

Today I ran my second 5k and my splits were almost identical to last time.  Ok my new goal has been to work on the Heart because my heart rate is out of control.  Even standing at the starting line, my heart rate was around 160 BPM.  I could have been nervous, but come on . . . 100 BPM at most.  I don’t know?  I am 42 and a bit concerned that it is too high, I have even questioned if this could lead to a heart attack.  Everyone I speak with thinks there is something wrong with my heart rate monitor, but if I check it manually, it is dead on every time.  Granted I can’t check while running, but I think it correct.  

My time was 3 seconds faster than last time, so I did improve sort of?  This is what I did to try to improve.  First I did not drink coffee, prior to the race to try to keep my heart rate down.  I mean that makes sense, most people’s BPMs increase by 10 or so with caffeine.  Second, I did not listen to my music, which I always used to keep my cadence up.   I am guessing that it would also increase my heart rate.   My heart rate went down by 1 beat per minute and my time was 3 seconds faster.   It is an improvement. 

Also on top of all that, I have been changing up my training routine, influenced heavily on the Maffetone Method.  Basically my regular training plan but a bit slower and intermixing training both on the elliptical and on the trail with a heart rate between 125 – 135.  Granted it has only been a week and a half.  Phil’s suggests that I go totally aerobic, but man it is difficult.  *It is a total shift in ‘Phil’osophy.

On top od all that I went ketogenic, which should also bring my heart rate down???
*I have been in ketosis for 90 days now. 

I was 14th over all and 2nd for my division. 
AND there were 660 runners.
I still can’t complain . . .

Is the Maffetone Method my solution?   I am thinking it is.  I am presently reading Phil Maffetone’s book, The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing.  It is very interesting, with that said I am only a 12th of the way in; it is a big book.  A year ago, I pick it up and read half of the first chapter, but I was a bit intimidated and IT IS A BIG BOOK.  Also, it gave me a ‘whole body’ vibe, borderline ‘New Age’, so I did not buy it. I think it was a mistake, but as I said earlier . . . I wasn’t ready for it. 

From 10/30/2012: I didn’t buy it.  I had it in my hand, read a few sections and what I read looked good, but I didn’t buy it.  I guess first of all, it looks like a phone book and when it says The Big Book of”, it really is a big book.  Over 500 pages of small print and a bit too technical.  I think it is a great book for a coach or trainer, but I am not ready for it yet.


This is my heart rate for the Super Bowl 5K . . .

Avg HR: 195 bpm      Max HR: 203 bpm


Super Bowl 5K

These are my splits for Super Bowl 5K . . .

Super Bowl 5K_Splits

*I promised myself I would not go out too fast . . . Like that happened.

This is my heart rate for the Polar Bear 5K . . .

Avg HR: 196 bpm     Max HR: 204 bpm


Polar Bear 5K


These are my splits for Polar Bear 5K . . .

Polar Bear 5K_Splits


Johann said...

Well done with the race, great result! That HR looks high to me. I'm 49 and before my half marathon on Sunday my HR was 72. I know I run very slow compared to you but it still looks very high to me. But you seem to be fit and fine. Maybe a few days of good rest?

Anonymous said...

Here is the problem . . . two years ago, my doctor sent me to a high blood preasure clinic . . . I was also 205 pounds (I am 145 today) . . . And 2 years prior to that I was a trim rock climber. I had a bad year and still recovering . . .

And my resting heart rate is the lowest it has been in years . . . It is about 70 which is average, for a non-athlete. Think of all the runnning I have been doing . . . Damn! I still have a long ways to go and I don't think there are any short cuts.

Jill said...

Seriously, you should ask Lucho on Endurance Planet and get his take. They have weekly questions to ask on FB.

When he has me do a 5k, I have to gradually increase my HR each mile (not that I got to test that this past weekend :( )...and the last mile I'm suppose to get to 175. I'm almost dead at 175. Maybe you're going out way too fast?!?

Anonymous said...

There is no question I go out way too fast. It is like I am a freshman trying out for the high school team - No Control and No experience.

My heart rate is another story, remember 2 years ago I have a freak streak of high blood preasure and they wanted to put me on Meds. I think once I get my heart rate down everything will work its self out. AND I a pace my self better . . .

Gary Gellin said...

SKA Runner - don't worry about your high heart rate. There is no accurate formula for it. It isn't like body temperature. Your maximum heart rate is as likely to be 220 minus your age as much as every man is likely to be 5 ft 9 in tall. I'll be 45 this year and just averaged 175 bpm for 6 hours. So careful with that Maffetone formula. It needs some serious customization.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gary . . . Compared to everyone else, I seem to work in a different ‘zone’, so I have questioned it. In terms of Maffetone, the biggest take away is, building a stronger aerobic base. My resting heart rate is 70 bpms, if I can get that down under 55, I think it would impact my racing. In the past, I would train full throttle every time, skipping those ‘base’ runs. And since I have only been running for two years, I don’t have much of a base to begin with. (Being a dad I was taking advantage of my time) So in terms of numbers, who knows, but I have backed off quite a bit and have been adding training time by filling in the gaps with easy pace run indoors after the family goes to bed.

Thanks again and good luck with your upcoming season.

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