Friday, December 7, 2012

SPEED WORK: 800 Repeats . . .

Welcome back to Speed Work!  My ham issue is totally gone now and so I went back to speed work.  About two months ago I had a ham issue, but didn’t respond correctly to it and a week later I made it worse . . . trying to run too hard with the big boys.   I rested for two weeks and started to ease back in again.  Today, I jumped back into to speed work and ran 6 X 800’s and and extra mile push.  (ran a mile warm-up and cool down)  I have only been running for a bout 2 years now, or should I say training for 2 years now.  I have no idea of the paces I should run and really don’t even have a good race to base it on.  I ran just long extended runs and never worked speed.  

So not knowing what I should really set my pace to for 800’s, I came up with a race goal pace??? – always asking more of my legs than possible.  I set a goal of a 38:00 -  10K, this was based on an OK run I had a year previously where I ran a 43:00.   This is what I go on Runbayou’s VDOT calculator. 


The repetition pace for 400’s was 81, so I shot for a 2:45 pace.  Well, it was a windy day and the back side of the track really slowed me down, but I still ran fairly well.  I averaged a 2:52 pace . . . I blame it on the wind.  I think I could of pulled 2:45 average.  My VDOT was right on, so as of today my magic number is  is a 55

Here are my 800 splits . . .


Then I followed them with a mile.  My goal pace was 6:30 and came close 6:34

Overall, I think it was a great run.  Let’s see what I do next week in Santa’s Stampede 10K.  I am hoping to go sub 39:00.  


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