Sunday, December 16, 2012

Shaved 4.5 minutes off my 10K

SantaStampede-2012The last few weeks, I have been gearing up to run a 10k – the Santa Stampede.  I wanted to see where I was physically and set up a bench mark for the spring.  Honestly, I really haven’t trained for “short” distances, my average run is probably close to  2 hours; I love getting out in the middle of nowhere.  Thinking about it, I have only run three 10ks since high school – I am 42.  And a handful of 5ks almost all of them with a stroller.  

In the fall, I started Tuesday interval workouts, but that only lasted 4 weeks or so before I blew my hammy.  I took a month off and a week ago, I ran 6 X 800m followed by a mile run.   I ran pretty hard in my intervals, so I assumed my time would be under 40 minutes, but hoping to be closer to 38 minutes.   But with that said, I set my goals really high and almost unreachable.  I ran 40:24, (19th overall out of 577) which is just over my goal.  A huge improvement off my 2011 time exactly one year ago 44:40.  I know I could have run faster this year, but last Wednesday I had a core strength workout with my buddy and we always push each other; he was in the race too and ran awesome finishing 2 minutes ahead of me.  I was really really sore right up to the morning of the race.  I probably shouldn’t have even run, but I took Ibuprofen and tried to forget.  I was hurting so much after after that I could barely walk;  it wasn’t a smart idea to run.  My time wasn’t under 40, but I was hugging it.  I really think, that if I was not hurting so much I could have run just under 39.  Well, I will try again in a month or two.   

 Manley side-by-side at the start . . .
I think he was talking to me, but my music was way too LOUD!
Or he is laughing at how funny I looked . . .



Jill said...

Nice job, Dan!! Shaving that much time off is nothing to sneeze at, especially considering you've done barely and speed work! Isn't it cool how this running thing just all comes together so nicely?!?! You did all the slow miles for Leadville, which in turn made you a bit faster. Love it!

How did Manley do?


Anonymous said...

Manely is a ROCKSTAR!!! He was 10th overall. Amazing!

What I keep thinking is . . . what if I did more speedwork for a full season . . . regularly.


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