Monday, December 31, 2012

My 2013 Race Line-up . . .

As of the last day of the year, here is my ultra racing plan for 2013 . . . I am starting to question it though.  The Spring has four races each separated by exactly three weeks each.  I might switch out the Dirty Thirty for the Bolder Boulder or just ease into the big race in June.  A month rest, is probably the best choice,  unless I made it my last hard training run.  With that said, I can still have a great training run with out the pressure on my own.  It is such an awesome race though.  As of today, I think I will pull Dirty Thirty from the list.  It is going to be an awesome year!!!

Chatfield Ultra 100K - April 20th
Elevation Gain:
??? feet

Description: The race will take place on April 20, 2013!! Distances will be 20K, 50K, 50 Mile and 100K at Chatfield State Park, Colorado. The course will consist of approx. 12.5 mile loops. Final permitted map will be posted here Friday and registration will be open the first week in January.

*This is a new Colorado race and a perfect way to start the season.  Chatfield park looks flat too.


Quadrock 50 Mile - May 11th
Elevation Gain:
11,000 feet

Description: Taking place on the trails and hills west of Fort Collins in Lory State Park and Horsetooth Mountain Park, the Quad Rock 50 will take you on a tour of the Fort Collins skyline, situated on the northeastern boundary of Colorado’s mighty Rocky Mountains.

*I ran this race last year and had a blast and would not think of missing it. Anyways, it was too foggy last year and I missed the views.


Golden Gate Dirty Thirty 50K - June 1st
Elevation Gain: 9,500 feet

Description: 50K Single Track, Single Loop Courses.  If you love meandering single track trails through peaceful aspen groves, grassy meadows, tranquil pine forests and rocky ridges with majestic views of snow capped mountains, you will LOVE this race!

*Golden Gate is a gorgeous park and it is another one of my favorite races.


Andorra Ultra Trail 112 k  - June 20-23th
Elevation Gain:
31,824 feet

Description: A trip around the whole of the Principality of Andorra, including a visit to its highest point, Comapedrosa, at an altitude of 2,942 metres, and other iconics peaks. In the light of the full moon on the longest days.

*All I can say is I can’t wait!!! I need to do some major hill training though.


Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile  Sept 13th
Elevation Gain:
20,000+ feet

Description: The 2nd Annual Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile Endurance Run, held in the terrific little town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  The 100 miler starts on September 13, 2013.  The races are beautiful bunny hops through the autumn foliage of Routt National Forest and, for the 100, beautiful Emerald Mountain.  

*Looks beautiful and I don’t know that part of Colorado.  Also, it is a great way to end the season.


Jill said...

20k feet gain at RRR? That's insane. I've heard some pretty interesting stories about that race. Looks like a lot of fun, though. You should put this question to Tim on "ATC" and get his advice....always love those type of questions on the podcast!

Bring on 2013!!

Anonymous said...

RRR 100 is the only race that I have officially signed up for . . .

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