Monday, December 3, 2012

Ketogenic Diet: Running & Some Carbs?

Yesterday (day 27), I ran in a area that I thought was relatively flat, but I was wrong.  I wanted to get in 20 fast-ish miles with only a little bit of gain. I ended of running 21.15 miles and running 3 different parks, Lair 'o the Bear, O' Fallon, and MT Falcon.  My total gain was 3,546’ with an average technical Colorado trails level. 

Okay, I ate a regular Keto diet the previous day, nothing unusual.  When I woke up, I had an espresso with a little diet caramel syrup.  I started off very strong – peer pressure.  Three miles in, on the second hill, I slowed to a powerwalk; it was a steep hill.  About 2 hours in to the run, my buddy was feeling a bit drained so he had a gel.  I wasn’t drained, I was taking the run fairly easy, I did feel hungry though.  I had a Justin’s Almond Butter w/ honey packet; It tasted awesome! 

*Note: I have been beating myself up over the last week and put in over 70 miles with about 14,000 feet of gain from Sunday to Sunday and I was feeling it today.  At this point around mile 9, climbing the hills were tough, I just felt weak or sloggy.  Where my buddy, after eating his gel was rejuvenated, he also ran a lot less than me the previous week, either way very difficult to compare.  In my head, I was thinking that I had just finished my hardest week in a long time and I was just fatigued. 

Around mile 15, My buddy needed another gel, I still felt ‘tired’ -  lack of better word.  I ate a Stinger Waffle, Yummy!  I was told that eating some carbs during a long run will not kick me out of Ketosis and it didn’t. I felt a little rejuvenated myself.  We both picked up the pace a bit and then around mile 20, I felt really good and just took off.  I also knew it was the last mile or so and the end was in sight.  It was a slightly down hill with an overall gain of 120’ and I ran 6:49 for my last mile.    

In previous runs, while in ketosis, I pretty much fasted.  So did it make a difference to eat the waffle?  Hard to say, the course was very hilly and we did a lot of climbing.  Hills have always been my easy for me and I enjoy them.  Since I have been in Ketosis, hills seem harder and my legs feel heavier?  Could I be just out of shape, or is it that hills are better on carbs? I don’t know, still figuring things out. 

I still think Keto is the way to go.


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