Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ketosis: Twenty Mile Run, No Carbs, and No Bonks!!!

It was AWESOME!!!  I just ran my first long run, 20 miles, while in ketosis and I didn’t Bonk! or even come close.  OMG – I was laughing about it the whole time.  It still amazes me, only  a few months ago, I would have taken 7-8 gels and would have had some kind of fancy drink in my bottles. It definitely wasn’t my fastest time, but it wasn’t that slow.  I averaged a 10:15 pace with a few hills here and there – 1,474 feet of gain. The trail is fairly groomed, maybe a typical Colorado technical trail. 

On top of that, the day was beautiful and there were tons of other runners.  I crossed paths a number of times with the same runners  One was definitely an ultra runner and the others were just out for a 3+ hour jog; it’s Colorado. 

HILLS: I still feel heavy in the legs on the hills and out of breath compared to pre–ketosis runs.  I am not in the best of shape, but it is not the same feeling – a bit weird.   Hills have always been my thing and now it seems to be my weakness.  I hope after I am fully “ketosis adapted,” I will attack them like I used to. 


My Ketogenic numbersFOOD:  As I recall, I only had a double shot espresso for breakfast prior to the run.    During, I drank lots of water – about 60oz over the 3.5 hours, but ate absolutely nothing.  The day before I stopped eating at 8pm, consuming only 1,680 calories with 31 Net Carbs.  I was very satisfied all day, just a little low on the veggies.  This brings up the fact that I am never hungry anymore and almost have to force myself to eat.  It is like a dieters dream.    

Lately, I have been treating myself to a sundae providing I keep my carbs low all day, Breyers Low Carb Ice Cream, two table spoons of healthy peanut butter, and a serving of Spanish peanuts. It is the bomb!  The ice cream has sugar alcohols and I have heard a lot of bad things about them, but nothing from reliable sources, so I keep eating away.

My-Ketogenic-PercentageI also stayed under my daily calorie goal – 1800.  And kept within my percentages of 70% – 20% – 10%.  I know others have different percentage setups, honestly I just picked a formula that was in the middle and not too extreme.  I need to do more research to make sure I am staying healthy, but I feel great, in fact better than great!

Let’s see how I feel tomorrow . . .


Jill said...

What is your goal on this diet? Do you plan to run an ultra carb-free?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jill . . . My main goal is to train my body to be more efficient fueling, I blame my heavy bonking on my super dependency on gels. I ate over 25 gels in my last fifty – not good. So yes and no and I don't know yet. I will experiment this winter with the fat ass series. Whether I go complete carbless???

Jill said...

Are you doing Leadville next year?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately no, I have a prior commitment. I will be running a harder race though . . . The year after for sure!

What fifty are you running next year? And are you running any of the Fat Ass races this winter?

Unknown said...

I'm new to your blog so I apologize if you've answered this elsewhere. I am curious if you consume anything when you run? I run marathons and am just beginning to research the effects of running on a low carb diet. I'm thinking I've been duped all this time, believing those who say you have to carbo load. I have never been able to lose weight while training for marathons...probably too many carbs!!

I ran a 15 miler after only two days of low carb and low calorie eating. I honestly didn't know if I would be able to run that far given how little I had eaten. But it turned out to be one of my best runs in a very long time! Although at around mile 13 I started feeling hungry. I then consumed a little Perpetuem which has carbs, fat and protein. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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