Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ketosis: 5k Run Test


So I wanted to test my speed while in the initial stage of ketosis (19 days) and jumped into a 5k.  My whole family signed up for the Gobble Wobble 5K which is held the morning of Thanksgiving.  I know it is early in the ketosis process, but it would establish some kind of bench mark.  It was a gorgeous day and the temperature was perfect – about 35 degrees at the start.  And I saw some friends, “Hey Jill!”  

Well, I ran 22:25 which is about a 7 min pace, but it wasn’t much of a test for a number of reasons. 

Now for the excuses:

  1. I am still in the 1st weeks of ketosis; it is the transition period and was expected that I would be slow.
  2. Tuesday I did some speed work and it was the fastest I have run in months I averaged 6:30 for 2 miles over a 7.5 mile run.   *remember I blew my ham about 6 weeks ago and took a month off.   My calves have been sore for two days and I almost decided not to run, but last minute I could not resist.
  3. It was a double loop.  So by the time I finished the first loop, the walkers started getting in my way and there were hundreds of them.
  4. Here is the big one, I ran while pushing my son in the stroller.  I did win the stroller division.  My son loved it though, but man it took a lot out of me.  The hardest part was weaving in and out of the rest of the runners. Holding that pace really torqued my cardio too; I don’t think I could have run any faster – today and it was my slowest stroller 5K ever.  My shoulders and wrists really hurt, but the last time I ran with the stroller, was at least three years ago.   

Overall, I was quite winded after the race and took me a while to recover, maybe twenty minutes.  I sat and watched my kids play in the park for at least ten minutes.  I was getting anxious though, my body was craving food which is not very typical these days.  I generally could go all day without eating.  So I pushed for going out to breakfast and we went to iHop.  I shared a half of a meat lovers omelet AKA Colorado Omlet with my wife.  I figure there are about 5 carbs in a Colorado Omelet and I ate half, which is still quit low.  Normally, I would eat the whole darn thing and would worry about it, but had Thanksgiving dinner to plan for.

My next 5k is in 23 days, and I will race that one for sure.  I am hoping for a sub 18, we will see. 


Jill said...

Well, you beat me by a lot!! :) But I'm making small grounds - finally! Was good to see you! We gotta catch up soon. With Leadvile out, are you doing PP? Not sure when your Spain race is..

Nice job on the race...not easy pushing a stroller!!

Anonymous said...

You need to come out and run with DTR . . . It is always fun and a great group. We are meeting this Sunday on my favorite trail Beaver Brook!!

We also run on Thursdays too . . .

Honestly, not completely sure what I am running this summer . . . Maybe Quadrock, Dirty Thirty, Andorra and maybe end the sesaon with Devil Mountain.

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