Monday, November 12, 2012

Ketogenic Diet: Running Hills on Ketones

On Sunday, I needed to get out, so I went for the hills.  I was a little hesitant to run up anything big because the the first two runs on ketosis, my legs felt heavy on every little rise and this was not typical for me; I love hills.  
So I headed to Mount Falcon, one of my favorite hills in the area.  It was beautiful out with a nice coat of snow/ice on everything, but it was very cold.  It was so cold that after the run my cheeks were stiff and I could barely talk.  A fellow runner asked me a question and I couldn’t even answer without slurring; I sounded if I were drunk.   Last year at this time I had a nice fatty layer protecting my dome, so it wasn’t an issue; I am just too skinny these days. 
I felt very sluggish all the way to the top, but looking at my time it wasn’t bad.  The traditional route up the Castle Trail is 2.66 miles with about 1500 feet of gain – fairly steep.   It took me 38 minutes, but man it beat me up.  After a few minute rest, I felt good again and headed further up the trail and ran a couple more short hills.  The rest was all down hill and I flew. It certainly wasn’t my fastest run.  I blame it on the ketone or the lack there of, they are just not flow my way yet.  It is also only my 8th day in full ketosis and my body just hasn’t completely adapted yet.  In terms of carbs, I had 35 g the day before and and about 6g of carbs prior to the run (lunch & breakfast). I have a ways to go, but I will keep you in the loop.    


Stefan said...

It takes some time to fully adapt. . hang in there ! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks man, I am feeling better already. I ran again yesterday and it was another hill climb. I still felt heavy on the uphill though, (I guess that is the right word - heavy), but I felt awesome for the second half.

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