Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I still LOVE my HOKA Stinson Evos

Hokas . . .  what can I say, they rock!!!  I have three pair of Hoka Stinson Evos and have run about 800 miles with them so far.   Let me tell you, I think they are the cats meow and can’t for see running in anything else for long trail runs or ultras.  In my shorter non-trail runs, I have been wearing my Saucony A5s, which are awesome in there own way. 

The Midsole: With my first pair, I ran well over 500 miles before really starting to  notice any wear.  What I mean by wear is the lack of Hokas_Stinson_Evoseven support under my foot, the midsole, the mattresses or what ever you want to call the marshmallow looking foam.   I think Hoka calls it Hubbles or something like that.  My left foot seems to pronate a bit more now; I only noticed after trying on a new pair.  Whether it is stride causing it, I don’t know, but the support is no longer there.  Either way it definitely rolls a bit more now, particularly comparing them to my third pair.  The cushion under my left big toe seems abnormally broken down or squishes down too much. Keep in mind, they have somewhere between 520 and 580 miles on the tread – ain’t bad.   

The Size: I wear a size 9, which is about a half size larger than my typical running shoe.  It takes a while  for the shoe to break-in and in fact when my second pair arrived, I was pissed . . . I thought they sent the wrong size.  They were the right size, but certainly had a completely different feel when new – a much firmer stiffer feel.  I guess I had never really noticed such differences when buying other shoes.   

The Lace System works smoothly and once tightened, it never seems to loosen. I wish all my shoes had similar lace setups.

The Uppers: Overall, the uppers held up extremely well and I have not noticed or felt any problems . . . Yet.  They are extremely comfortable and feel like a regular classic running shoe.  I initially bought the Mafate, but after I got them home they just didn’t feel right.  I took them back the next day.  When the Stinson Evos arrived, I was one of the first to try them on; I bought them on the spot.  They felt great on my feet and still do with 500+ miles on them. 

The Outsole seemed to wear like any typical running shoe.  The lugs are still very functional and fairly positive.  The micro studs on the lugs were completely worn down though, don’t think it matters much.   It appears that the yellow area has a few lugs, but there are just foam and don’t seem to have much function and started breaking down after the first run.

The Stinson’s have a 30% wider foot purchase, which leads people to believe you would trip more and everyone tends to ask me that.  Actually I feel I trip less.  Now with that said, I still trip and when I trip it is hard, but that is mostly because I am worrying less about footing which leads to kicking  rocks hard.  The hardest hits were running all-out down hill and resulted in multiple black toes. 

The only negative I have really noticed is while running very narrow banked single track, like trails for mountain bikes, the shoes torque your ankles a bit, but trails like that are not really typical out here in Colorado. 

Overall, I love the shoes and will be buying my forth pair soon and possible the Tarmacs. 


Johann said...

I am so keen to try Hokas but they are not available in South Africa (yet I hope). I have seen only great reviews alike yours and really hope they do come to SA soon.

Anonymous said...

Yea, I am kind of lucky to live in an ultra runner haven and have access to such gear. You can always buy them on line, buy you are just guessing the size . . .

Are you signing up for Pikes Peak this year?

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