Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pacing: An Unknown Concept to Me . . .

If you know me at all, I am what they call a “rabbit.”  During a race, I run out hard and hold that as long as I can.  Why?  I am very inexperienced and driven by adrenaline; I enjoy running fast.  I have no concept of what pace I should be running, other words, I do not no my limits for any given distance.  I have even used the Daniel's charts, but at the time, they did not make sense with what I was running.  Partially, this is because I don’t have enough accurate time trials under my belt.   With time, it will all fall into place, I hope.

This fall I am going to work on more interval workouts at the track and also tempo runs.  I had my SECOND ever track work out yesterday since high school, two in a month. Keep in mind I am 42.  We were asked to run 3 X  2K with even splits with a slight rest in between. My first lap, I did not know what pace I should be running so, I went by feel.  The first 400 out of 2000 meters was 5:55 pace, something like that, and I felt it was a bit fast.  I then stabilized around 6:12 and ran some where between 6:10 – 6:12  for the last 1600 meters.  I averaged a 6:04, I had a 5:30 kick at the end.  During the 2nd interval I maintained a 6:10 pace with a solid kick and averaged a 6:04 average.  On the last interval, I pushed a little harder and ran 6:08 average for the first 1200, a 6:12 for the next 400 and the last 400 I averaged a sub 5:00 pace.  My average pace was 6:00.

I am in the process of reading the Daniel’s formula and continue working on pacing.  Hopefully it will all start clicking.


Jill said...

You could get an official VO2 max test to know your training zones. Pricey, but oh so informative.

Call me sometime!!

Anonymous said...

Man, I would love to, but yea it is a bit pricy. I am definitely not throwing money around these days.

I am getting a bit closer to figuring put my pacing, going to try out a 5k at the beginning of November with RMRR. It will be my first 5k in at least 10 years and that was the Race for the Cure and I might have even had a stroller.

Now, I always set my goals too high, but I am shooting for a sub 18. Let's see!

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