Friday, October 5, 2012

Devil Mountain 50 - Super Technical 50 Miler


Devil Mountain 50 was such an awesome race! This was my second year running it and I plan on registering every year from now on. It is a perfect time of year and the atmosphere and comradery was superb.   The race day was perfect, a bit of sun, nicely overcast, pouring rain, lighting, thunder, hail, some of the most technical trails I have been on, and all over 52.8 miles.  * I got lost for a bit!

Now even though, I had run this race the previous year, I seemed to have selective memory regarding how technical the trail was. It was hard! More technical than any other trail I have run; it was awesome! It was even harder than Quadrock 50 which had over 3,000 more feet of gain. Check out that elevation map, what a blast. Now I wasn't saying that at mile 14, what a climb.  *I was convincing myself that this was going to be my last race.  What the hell was I thinking, running 50 miles up and down mountains?




We had a great group that drove up together from Denver, Anthony, Bob and my self.  The car was over packed and we still had to tie gear to the roof.  It was a tight ride, but the conversation was awesome.  Thanks guys!!!



Every race, by buddy Rob, who rand devil Mountain with me last year, tells me to 'Go Out Hard!' as a joke, mainly because I always do. I feel good, run hard, and then eventually I die . . . Every Time! This day was no different; check out my AVG heart rate during the race. And a few days ago, a friend of mine, Frank, saw my splits on Strava and cracked up . . . sub 7 pace at mile 10. He is a 'Rabbit!'  *He has been listening too Trail Runner Nation.

Pacing is obviously not my strong suite and I have a long way to go. I must say, I have only been really training  for a little over a year . . . and on top of that, I am not very bright.


251143_3761437077570_697604448_nIt seems that every time I transition from road and back to trail, I miss the trail head. I did it twice at Aneto and again at Devil Mountain. This combination are the only times I have ever gotten lost.  *Mental note, pay attention when on the road.   At Devil Mountain, I ran 3/4 of a mile down hill the wrong way, realized it, and walked back up to the top – pissed off. It killed me mentally and took me awhile to get back into the groove. Sometime during this episode, some guy came flying by me with a stogie in his mouth and I think he even had flask of tequila at his side too. Then it started to rain . . .


This is where I came alive. I pulled out a small garbage bag style poncho, cranked my SKA and reeled in over 12 runners to the finish.  I remember seeing a handful of runners huddling under a tree, trying to escape the rain or maybe the hail.  I am from the east coast, a little rain or hail wont slow me down.  I was having fun.


Over all, I finished a little less than 2 hours faster then the previous year, which is awesome.  I was shooting for 11:30, and if I wouldn’t have gotten lost, I would definitely been under 12 hours.  Ahhh, what can I do?  I still had a blast.   See you next year! 






Here is a link to my Strava Data.


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