Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First Time on the Track Since High School . . .

Track*This is the actual track I ran on today. Can you believe it is a public elementary school’s track?

Day 1: I hit the track today with the Phidippides Track Club and it was hard, but a BLAST!  And it was the first time I did a track workout since high school.  I am going to be sore tomorrow; if fact I am heading for the Ibuprofen as I type.  I am feeling good for the most part and better than thought I would.  I am even excited about my next interval day.  Now that is messed up.

This was the workout:

     800 – 2:44

     800 – 2:55

     400 – 1:22

     1600 – 6:35

     400 – 1:32

     800 – 3:13

So, how did it go?  Well, I started off strong, as I always do, but I could not hold it. I died after the first 400; I just could not hold that pace for that long.  BUT, it was the first time I was on the track since high school.  

The Daniel’s Formula:
Mitch recommended getting the book “Daniel’s Running formula,” then Manley seconded it.  One person said it was way too technical, but so far it is pretty good; I am a geek though.  I used book and its charts to guess where I should be.     I came up with a VDOT of 51, which is just a number, which I base everything on.  It would have been more accurate if my splits were a bit closer, but I went out too fast as usual and could not hold on.  I was feeling good, so I thought I hold it as usual.  I am going to work on my pacing.

1600m – 6:10
800m – 3:04
400m – 1:32


Jill said...

I used to go to Phids at the beginning of the summer. But then it got too hot and I couldn't run in 95 degrees cuz I'm a wuss. Now that it's cooling off, they will end their season so I just do the workouts they send on my own.

Looks like you're gearing up for something shorter and faster! :)

Anonymous said...

I had a blast. And I plan on being there until the season is over.

Well, I might do my first flat marathon . . . and I have a goal time in mind.

But mainly I want to get stronger for ultras. My next one is in 2 weeks - Devil Mountain 50 miler.

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