Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mount Evans Ascent 2012

The weather was superb; you couldn’t ask for a better day.  And even all the animals came out to play ( watch the race), big horn sheep, mountain goats, marmots, deer. and a number of other creatures – runners.


A friend of mine, Jill picked me up in the morning – Thanks Jill!  She was not very eager to run, Evan’s can be intimidating especially on windy days.  She had a great run and beat her previous year’s time.  

I also got to hang out with a bunch of old friends and they all cranked!  Wyatt ran exactly what he said he would, sub 2:20 and ran  2:17.  Lisa pulled a 2:23 winning her division.   Zach an awesome 2:27 and also won his division.  

My wife and kids came out to cheer me on, which was awesome.  The kids had a blast watching the runners, animals, and the views.  It was a perfect day.

Now I wasn’t completely happy with my time – 2:37:47, but I really didn’t train for this type of race. Honestly, I thought that all of the ultra training I have been doing would contribute some.  It didn’t though and my time last year minus the wind was much faster.  I have to keep in mind, that my goal is Leadville. 


This year they brought back “The Rock”, which is given runners who finish in under 2 hours and 40 minutes.  I barely made it with 2 minutes to spare.


Here is the breakdown of my time.  I ran a 10:15 minute average pace for the first 11 miles, then started feeling dizzy and slowed down way to much.  My pace for the last 3.5 miles slow down to 13:30 minutes average.   I was shooting for a sub 2:30 and might have pulled it off, but the altitude really got to me.  With all that said, I had a blast and still consider Evans to be one of my favorites.




Jill said...

Oh miles 7 and 9 how I love thee!!

Tough race, you did great! Seriously, that was better than you ran it last time I ran with you up there...which was in 2009. I am super jealous over the rock (I would have gotten one in 2008 with my 2:57 time) but maybe next year. So fun the kiddos got to see you running up there, you have some great pictures! Congratulations!

Leadville Heavy Half next?? Yes?? :)

Andrew Reiff said...

Good to run into you at the coffee shop this morning! Best of luck with the rest of your training. My advice: focus your training on mile 50 and beyond. That's what you're really training for. If you can arrive at Winfield in good shape and keep taking in calories on the way back, you've got it made.

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