Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Leadville 100 Training Camp – Night Before

Man I was excited for this weekend!!!  The weather was awesome, which made a beautiful drive up Friday afternoon, but it was hotter than usual for Leadville and Denver for that matter.   I was also surprised that it took me under 2 hours to get there even with Friday traffic. Considering my plans fell through last minute, I ended staying at Chris’ house; thanks Chris and Shannon! 

Here is the view looking down the street from the house.


First, I had to check in at the store/secondary headquarters.  All the volunteers and employees were awesome and greeted you as if old friends.  I was very impressed with the race’s presence in town, it is getting BIG; hopefully not too big.  Some of the old school folk, argue that it is too late.     


Went to diner with Chris to a nice Italian restaurant and had chicken parmesan.  It was delicious!  Meanwhile Chris’ running clothes were in the dryer at the Laundromat.  After diner, he went to pick them up and the Laundromat was all locked up.  In the morning he checked again and his clothes were gone.  The next day during the run, he got a hold of the manager who had found the clothes.  Relieved, he picked up the pace and had a great finish to his run.   

Later that day, I found out that there was a SKA concert that night - Warsaw Poland Bros.  What are the chances, a SKA concert!.  I had to go, it was a blast!  I only stayed for the first set, considering I had to run a marathon in the morning, let alone a mountain marathon over 10,000 feet.


What a great way to start the weekend!


Johann said...

Awesome! I wish we had training camps like that over here. Leadville...just fantastic!

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