Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ibiza is Not Just for Discos – Ibiza Ultra Team Trail Run

Most people know of Ibiza for its famous techno parties, but that is really for only one month or so during the year.  This year they hosted Ibiza Ultra Team, which is an event in which three competitions coincide simultaneously, 74 km of trail running from San Antonio to Ibiza, 100km mountain biking from Santa Eulalia to Ibiza; and 10.8km swimming in open water from Formentera to Ibiza.

My wife is from the island, so I know it well.  Take my word, it is beautiful!  It has great rock climbing, amazing trails, delicious food, a 3,000 year old history, friendly people, and of course some of the best beaches in Europe.  If it wasn’t for the time of year, I would have been there.

My buddy Javi took first place with a time of 6:46:35 beating the second place runner by over 20 minutes.  His pace, 8:49/mile, was awesome for 46 mile mountainous/sandy trail run.


Beautiful mountains, scenic rocky coasts, and amazing trails.


Across the historic salt farms, Salinas was constructed by the Carthaginians are still used to day to extract salt from sea water.

2,500 year old Carthaginians (Phoenician) ruins. 


AND it is Ibiza, you have to end it all at a disco club.  Awards and dinner party at Pacha! 


Johann said...

That is beautiful! Would be a dream for me to run there.

Anonymous said...

It is a lot closer than Colorado for you . . .
And much cheaper becuase it is off season.

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