Saturday, May 26, 2012

Understanding My Feet

The last few races, I have been experimenting with blister prevention.  Blisters were never a problem until I started running ultras.  I remember getting a few in high school, but I never wore socks back then so that made sense.  My first ultra, Devil Mountain 50, beat my feet up pretty bad.  I even stopped to get a rock out of my shoe around mile 40, couldn't find the darn thing; it was a heel blister not a rock. Didn’t realize until the next morning.   See photo here.

This photo was taken hours after the Quadrock.


During Quadrock, my 2nd 50 miler, I tweaked my plan a bit.  Quadrock was an awesome race, and also a gear test for Leadville.  It worked out as planned with only a few blisters appearing, but for the most part minor.  You can see a slight bruise from power kicking a rock as I was running down hill.  I said a few choice words.  It hurt, really hurt and slowed me down a bit, but what could I do with 30 miles to go.

At this point I would change a thing.  Well, I guess I would put on a new pair of socks instead of putting on the dirty ones, but that is about it. 

This is what I did to improve my foot “wear” . . .

1st.   Using a a large plastic baggie, I applied Vaseline to my feet. *Easy to apply and kept my hands clean.
2nd.  Wore a pair of Injinji Lightweight Mini-Crew Toesocks.  GREAT!
3rd.  Wore a second pair of very thin socks, Wigwam Ironman Triathlete Pro Low-Cut Socks, over the toesocks.  *It helps to reduce friction.

At the the 25 mile aide station, I repeated. 

Two weeks later, my toes looked like this.  This is what happens when you kick a rock while running down hill.  The toe didn’t effect my running, because it only hurt for a few days and only when someone stepped on it; I have kids. 



Johann said...

I've had my share of black and lost toe nails over the years but I've been lucky lately. I also do the Vaseline thing and also tape some areas where I know I sometimes have problems. Obviously the perfect shoe helps a lot with the toes as well.

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