Sunday, April 15, 2012

The 12 Hardest Races in the World

It should be “The 12 Hardest Most Known Races in the World”

Now, I haven’t run Leadville yet, so I can not officially state how hard it is . . . but the course record 15 hours 42 minutes was set by Matt Carpenter, who is a mutant by the way.  I would have to say that the Hardrock 100 is much harder.  The course record is about 8 hours slower, 23 hours and 23 minutes.    And Badwater’s record is 22 hours and 51 minutes, which was included in the list.  The HURT 100 course record is 20 hours and 10 minutes, also in the list.

Some say, the Barkley 100, is the hardest.  I see it as less of a race and more of a challenge.  It has a 1.9% finishing rate, meaning the race has only had 13 finishers since the race began in 1986.  And hell yea I would like to do it some day!

I say Hardrock 100 needs to be added to the list. 


brg said...

I raced the Breck Epic mtn bike race that's on the list. Did it to celebrate my 50th birthday - I wasn't very speedy but I won my AG (umm...there were only 2 of us 50+ ladies). Some of the other races look very interesting!!

Johann said...

Awesome list anyway! I suppose there are a few that can be added from across the world. From what I know Hardrock 100 is right up there for sure. I have a few on that list on my bucket list...must be crazy :)

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