Saturday, March 10, 2012

“The Perfect Runner” A Documentary


This Wednesday March 15th on CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation) will premiere “The Perfect Runner”.  I did a bit of researching and can’t find if or when it will show in the US, unless you live on the border.  I would love to watch it.  Has anyone seen if it will be aired in the US?

From the website: The Perfect Runner celebrates the modern love of long-distance running by exploring our evolutionary past as a species defined by its ability to run. Cambridge anthropologist and multiple Gemini-winning host Niobe Thompson takes a journey of personal discovery back in evolutionary time, in conversation with leading evolutionary biologists and immersed in non-Western cultures whose survival still depends on endurance running. From the highlands of Ethiopia, to the most remote place in Arctic Siberia, to the world’s toughest ultramarathon in the Canadian Rockies, this documentary weaves cutting-edge science with gripping adventure, and leaves the viewer with a new and inspiring understanding of our common evolutionary inheritance as nature’s supreme runners.

The Perfect Runner, Official Trailer from Niobe Thompson on Vimeo.


and.e.aitch said...

Hey there. You might be able to watch it from the show's website. They usually put episodes up after they've been aired.
Look here...

Anonymous said...

I am hopeful . . . I have family in southern Canada, AKA upstate NY, they might get CBC . . . I am working on it. I guess I could always wait and see the reviews and then buy it.


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