Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mount Evans Ascent 2012 . . .

*As you can see in the photo, the wind destroyed me on Mount Evans Ascent 2011 and I still had a third of the race to go.

Capture103About five years ago, I picked up running again, but last year was the first year I actually trained.  During those five years, I signed up for Pikes Peak Ascent and Mount Evans Ascent every year, but only once, last year,  I ran them consecutively.  All the other years some how I got injured.  *I see a trend, when I train appropriately I don’t get hurt. hmmm

Don’t know why I waited so long, but I just registered for Mount Evans 2012.  I am swapping Pikes for that Leadville race and I think it is a fair swap.  Mount Evans Ascent is probably my favorite race; it is just one big beautiful hill climb  with some of the best views in Colorado.  I really seem to love climbing hills and Evans is the highest road race in the country.  It is a shorter race, 14.5 miles with over 4000’ of gain and tops out at 14,264’.  Being a road race, I can either just zone out or enjoy the views.  Some don’t like it because it is on the road, but I love it, even with the wind.

Last year I felt strong, but the winds were insane with gusts over 50 miles per hour.  I ran it in 2:49:21, thirty-five minutes faster than my best year and that is with the wind.  

This year I plan to really crank and try to pull off a sub 2:30, providing the winds let me.  I think this is a realistic goal considering I barely trained last year.  My training was not speed or strength focused; it was weight focused.  Due to a perfect storm of events, I some how went from 150 to over 200 pounds in four months???  So with a solid year and a half of training, I think I can pull it off. 


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