Monday, March 19, 2012

Minimalist Running Shoe Reviewing Site

Check out, this site has reviewed over 100 minimalist and counting.  It is a great first stop when looking for a minimalist shoe. 

I went to REI yesterday and saw a huge Brooks display with the Pure Grit. So I tried them on and they felt great in my feet.  The thing was I new nothing about them.  I went home and came across The Minimalist Running Shoe Review of the Pure Grit.  Man, what a great resource.  Very Cool! 


MinimalistRunnr said...

Glad you found our site useful :)

Good luck at QUAD ROCK 50!

Jill said...

I picked these shoes to try from BRC running group and I absolutely hate them. They are way too narrow in the toe box and I have some issues with blistering on the side of my foot. And unfortunately, I ran in them in the mud and therefore can't return them. I love my Brooks Pure Flows and hoped these would be the same fit, but not quite.

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