Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It is Hill Time!

I raced home after work today.  It was just so beautiful with highs in the 70’s, I had to get out and run.  I arrived at Green Mountain around 4pm and it was still gorgeous.  I knew it was going to be a long evening, so I cranked the SKA.  My original plan was to climb over 4500’ of gain and then I decided to push it to over 5000’, but around mile thirteen I was suddenly wasted.  I wouldn’t call it a bonk, just really wasted.  As I always have an excuse, I will blame it on my 30 miles on Sunday. 

At mile 6, I ran down to the parking lot to meet up with some runners.  Still pumped and feeling good, I tried to keep with the pack.  After a quarter of a mile in, I  just couldn’t and then they were gone.  Ego?  Here is my excuse, at least what I told myself, ‘I did 6 miles and 1800’ of gain before they started.’  It makes sense to me.  Either way, they are a great group of runners and very supportive; I am glad to have hooked up with them.

Earlier in the run, I met another runner, Todd, he recognized me from my blog. Very Cool!  He signed up for many of the same races as I had, so I am sure I will see him again.

Green Mountain: 15.4 miles with 4881’ of gain. 



Brad Bishop said...

It was great to have you there, Dan! Glad you had fun. :)

Anonymous said...

You ROCK Brad!!! See you next run. . .

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