Sunday, March 25, 2012

“Don’t Let the Hokas Beat You!”

Friday, I ran a practice 5K in my New Balance XC700 spikeless racing flats.  I really hadn’t run with them on the road yet and wanted to test them out before my 10K time trial on Saturday.  I know they are not designed for the road, but I have heard that many people run with them on all terrains – “cheap minimalist shoes”.  Looking through my collection of shoes, I felt that they were the best choice for a road 10K, since I only run trails these days.  My training run wasn’t bad, 21 minutes, and the shoes felt good, but the run just didn’t feel right.  I guess I am just not used to running on the road.  Also, I shouldn’t have run that hard the day before a race.  It just felt good.
I woke up the next day and thought, why do I want to beat myself up with the racing flats, just wear the Hokas and that is what I did.  It wasn't a record time, but it wasn’t bad, 43:22.  I took third for my age group and nineteenth over all (19/125).
During the race, the last quarter mile or so, I heard someone yell out from the crowd, “Don’t Let the Hokas  Beat You!”  So I ran harder, passed the long haired minimalist wearing hippie. Just Kidding.  *He probably didn’t know the shoes I was wearing, let alone care.  I had a really strong kick and got a seven second lead.  ‘Don’t Let the Hokas Beat You?’
It was a good race, and I ended up running the course a second time to get some miles in.  So, if you average it out, I did 13.3 miles at an 8 minute pace – not horrible.  
Either way, the Hokas felt great.  I didn’t feel like I could fly, but I don’t think they were designed for speed. Once I caught my breath, I didn’t question running the course a second lap; I felt good and so did my feet.  My feet felt really protected and the pounding didn’t even phase me.  So would I wear them again for an other 10K . . . yea.  And anything, over it.  

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