Thursday, March 1, 2012

Back on Track . . .

It seems that I haven’t been getting the mileage in over the last few weeks, for one reason or another.  Gettin’ sick doesn’t help.  I was finally able to get out and let me tell ya, the rest was actually a good thing.  I felt great on the hills and ran the entire 10 miles non-stop with the occasional tying of the shoe and watch check.   Around mile 8, I had to occasionally switch to a power walk on the up hills, but I was still cranking.  Feels good to be back again. 

It was dark during the run and after a while became a bit spooky.  I started to see moving shadows and was creeped out by it.  There was one shadow that I stared at for a while and then it blinked.  The really weird part was that it only had one eye, one really big white eye.  Well that is what I thought for a split second and then it ran away - backwards.  I think it was a deer. 

Green Mountain, 10.3 miles with 3387’ of vertical gain. 



Johann said...

It is the best feeling to be back. Hope your training will continue without any problems now. Funny what one sees in the dark. It can be spooky when you're alone out there. Have a super weekend!

Anonymous said...

Yea . . . In a remote area, by yourself . . . It is coyote mating season, which premotes aggression.

Also, I am always thinking about Mountain Lions; they are no joke. I haven't seen one yet, but they are in the neighborhood. My wife and inlaws have both seen one. When you see a picture of one, it doesn't seem real. They just seem too big to be in the area.

Hope your training is going well . . .

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