Saturday, February 11, 2012

“Push the Pace” Another Free Race!


It was a fun cold cold day for a run.  CRUD sponsored, “Push the Pace” at Falcon Trail around the air force base.  It was 18 miles of snow covered slippery trail with 2190’ of gain.  Another Free Race, Yea!!!.  I took 7th place! Granted there were only 7 runners, I guess it was too cold for everyone else.  The guys out in front of us were hardcore, and were gone right out of the gate. One guy was wearing shorts too.  We never saw them again. 

It was so cold, that my beard and hair were frozen solid.  And this was the only photo I got ‘cause my camera was frozen too.  I warmed it with the car heater.  *Mental note keep camera in a less exposed location. 

Very Important!  When running with a hydration pack in such cold weather; it freezes!  Well at least the tube and bite freezes.  I tend to run a lot in cold weather and being a former ice climber, I am used to it.  When I started running, I blew all the liquid back into the bladder, but there was some left in the bite and became solid.  Also, my cheeks were so numb, that I had to push my cheeks with my hands to get the liquid back in the bladder.  So, I took the tube and bite and stuck it down my shirt, waited about 10 minutes and I was able to drink again.  I kept the tube down my shirt for the rest of the run.  The other guy, Dave, bought a new insulated hydration pack, so he didn’t worry about it; the tube frozen solid in 10 minutes. He did not drink the entire run.  *I did offer.    


Jill said...

'Twas a chilly day out there today! Nice job on the 17! My son has an insulated tube and that does help some.

Love the frozen hair! Haha

Anonymous said...

Dave had an insulated tube as well. It was just too cold.

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