Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Do I need a Crew?  It’s my first 100 and totally unknown territory for me.  It is not required, but suggested and I know why.   The zombie effect . . . there are just so many variables – the ‘X-factors’ particularly for your first 100.   In my last 50 mile race at the 50K aide station, I relaxed a bit, reapplied sunblock, ate, and drank.  Then off I went,  about 20 minutes into the run, I realized I forgot to grab my headlamp.  I thought, no worries I be back in plenty of time . . .  Bonk!

The guys over at put together another great resource, the “Crewing Guide to Leadville.” They broke it up into eight sections, Crewing explained, Making a plan, Gear, Efficient Aid Station Management, Dealing with a troubled runner, Communication/tracking,  Stepping Through the Aid Stations, Taking Care of Yourself, and Final thoughts.

* The guide is very well done and is a must to read even if you have already run Leadville.


Crewing Guide to Leadville 100 Run (intro)

What’s crewing? Briefly, crews meet runners at points along the course with food, fresh water bottles, clothing changes, etc., supplementing the support and supplies available at aid stations.

While having a crew can be extremely helpful, it’s neither required nor necessary. A lot of runners from out of town can’t afford to bring crews with them and don’t know locals who can help. Some runners choose to go without crews, preferring to do the race as a solo effort. ~


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