Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kilian Wants Carpenter's Pikes Peak Marathon Record *Update


Kilian Jornet is coming to Colorado this August to attempt to steal Carpenter's record for Pike's Peak Marathon or something like that. I would love to see the finish, don't know if I will be awake after Leadville though, let alone in the mood to drive and watch the race. Now the question is, will Carpenter be running?

*Update: If Carpenter runs, which he always does, I want him to beat Kilian. Not that I have anything against him, they are both good guys - humble, it is just seeing Carpenter win being over twice Kilian's age, gives me hope as an older runner. Go Carpenter!

This was posted on Kilian’s site:
August 19: Pikes Peak Marathon, 42km (Colorado - USA) Trail Running A Classic of American, 3rd oldest marathon on the USA and the 1st mountain race. One that felt like a long time.


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