Sunday, February 19, 2012

Frozen Dead Guy 50K


On Saturday, I ran the Frozen Dead Guy 50K with Sherpa John and a handful of others.  It was a great group of guys and I had a  blast.  We ran from Nederland to Boulder via trails & dirt roads.  It took us a lot longer than I had expected, the occasional knee deep snow slowed us a bit.  We veered off the original route, by choice, someone wanted more vertical, and blazed trail longer then we expected, like for an hour.  We ended up covering 27 miles with 4,075’ of gain and 6,509’ of loss.   It was a great workout and a really fun day.    

I want to thank John for putting this winter expedition together.  You Rock!!!



We decided to veer off the planned route and found a bit of snow.   At first the snow was up to our knees or thighs. *some were shorter than others.   

     Brad volunteered to break trail.  Thanks Brad!!!


We enjoyed some climbing.

It was not the typical ultra run, it was an adventure.


A little break after an hour or so of breaking trail..

     We finally hit some groomed trails.


It was a gorgeous day, even the rock climbers were out.

     The home stretch on Mesa Trail.


Thank you John for putting this adventurous day together. 


sherpajohn said...

Awesome picks SKA. Thanks for sharing. Glad you joined us and hope you'll have time to join us for more.

Anonymous said...

Thanks . . . It was a great run.

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