Thursday, January 19, 2012

ZOMBIES, RUN! Running game

The other day I went for a run with the cross country coach and a handful of his runners. They asked him if they could do a zombie run today, not knowing the present XC lingo, I figured it was some kind of fartlek.  He said yes and they pulled out their iPhones, pressed a few buttons and off they went.  Basically Zombie Run is a virtual zombie fartlek that adds a bit of a story to the run.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I will be downloading it.  Either way, check out the intro video.  It tells all.    May We Always Be Crazy!


Tim said...

Haha. I've read about this app a few times and wondered how widespread it has become. Neat to see people making use of it out there.

Anonymous said...

I have not bought it yet, $2 is the most I have spent on an app and this is $12. I have already bought too many apps that I don't use. I am going to try it out next week with one of the runners. But if I have fun, I am getting it.

What I have noticed is that you are more worried about zombies and less about your environment . . . Watched a runner escape a zombie and step in a prairie dog hole. Ouch!

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