Monday, January 16, 2012

Shirtless: Ponderous Posterior Pikes Peak 50k


What a great run!!!  Ponderous Posterior Pikes Peak 50k (8000’of gain) gave me a new perspective on what a race should be all about . . . I am going ‘shirtless’ from now on.  I have way too many race shirts anyways and I never wear them.  These “fat ass” style / “shirtless” events bring out a whole new sprit of running.  It was more like a group of friends hanging out and going for a run . . . a BIG group of friends.  All followed by a party.

Thank you JT, CRUD, and all that were involved.  I had a blast and will be back.

I couldn’t see the house number, but I knew it was the right place.

 SKArunner_CRUD SKArunner_Me

With all the excitement I took off hard, but that front pack still managed to get away.  With 29 miles to go, I wasn’t going to push it. 



This guy is tough.  The terrain and snow we covered in sandals?  I am not so tough and took a fall in the first 3 miles and it would not stop bleeding. 

SKArunner_Pikes_Peak_Fat_Ass_50_sandals SKArunner_Me2

After running 12 miles with 3000’ of gain, I attacked the “Incline”.  The Incline is only a mile long, but has over 2100’ of gain.  It kicked me hard.  I had 18 more miles & 3000’ of gain to go.

Can you believe we rested at the top? 
And check out JT the event host, he is drinking a beer.  He is hardcore  . . . or something. 


And man, it was a beautiful day!!!


The last 6 miles were all down hill AND we got a complete tour of “The Garden of the Gods”
I couldn’t ask for anything more.   *I think this guy in the red is JP?



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