Thursday, January 26, 2012

Most Beautiful Location for an Ultra Marathon: Formentara, Spain

A friend of mine, Pere, is hosting the “FART” Ultra Marathon, yes that’s right F.A.R.T, Formentera All Round Trail, March 3rd 2012.  This is its inaugural year and the course looks awesome!  It is a 72K course that follows the coastline of the island.  If you have not been to Formentera, it is amazingly beautiful,  turquoise waters, beautiful beaches, great food, friendly people, and the history of the island is incredible!   Website

Check out these photos . . . Doesn’t it look like a cool course?

Here is the course map, doesn’t it look awesome?  Course Map


It is not known for it mountains, but it is not flat.  It is perfect.

Look at these waters . . . .

On the island, you will find five defense towers that were built in the XVIII century to protect the island against pirates and you run around at least one of the towers. 


Jill said...

Does your friend include travel and accommodations? I'm so in if so!! :)

Anonymous said...

It is off season, so the accommodations are really cheap. The travel on the other hand, well it is off season, so it a bit cheaper, maybe not as frequent. but let me tell you, it would be awesome!!!

Jill said...

Well, it's still gonna be a hefty price tag to travel overseas for me....I had so much guilt flying to California and staying with a friend marathon weekend. Bleh. I bet it would be awesome though. Maybe you should do a "giveaway" - I'll enter and see if I win! :)

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