Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blizzard Run: 0 to 8” of Snow in 23.3 Miles

Blizzard_LookoutI had a fun run Saturday in a full whiteout blizzard on Lookout.  When I started there was zero inches of snow on the ground, by the time I hit the top the second time there was eight inches.   I ended up running 23.3 miles with 2960’ for gain. 

On the first lap, I noticed fresh foot prints in the snow and I decided to follow them.   There can’t be that many crazy people who would run in this weather, ultra runner?  At the very top by the nature center, I finally caught up with him. 

At first it was an unusual sight, he was wearing a large olive green poncho and it was flapping in the wind.  Keep in mind it was during a white out.  He was cranking right along, so it took me awhile to catch him.   When I finally caught him, he was a great guy and hardcore, he even made his own GU.   I ran with him for the next hour or so.  I generally run alone do to my schedule, so it was great to have such awesome company.  One has to be cool to be running uphill in a blizzard. 

After we went our ways, I ran back to the car.  I was soaking wet, so I thought I would change my socks and shoes.  After getting into the car, I realized how wet I actually was.  I changed all my clothes minus the pants, I only had one pair.  And since my pants were starting to thaw, I decided to put on my compression sock guards to keep my calves warm and it worked great.  Also, my gloves were saturated, good thing I had six pairs of socks in my car.  I wore socks on my hands.

On the way down from the second lap, it was getting really icy and there must have been a wedding reception at the top, because after not seeing anyone on the road for hours, there was a parade of cars on the way up.   A half mile from my car, there was a truck perpendicular to the road and just about to head down Chimney Gulch.  It spun out and the driver was freaking out.  Panicked, he asked me to tie his truck to a parked truck on the side so he would not head off the cliff and down the trail.  As the trucks tires spun, I heard some one yell from up on the trail . . . “That is my truck”.   Twenty plus cars were queued up waiting to head up the hill, but they just watched.  Finally a guy coming down jumped out and toed the guy out.  I finished the run and headed home.

What an adventure and I had a blast. 

When I got home, my in-laws took us to Texas Roadhouse and I had a 20oz steak –  Recovery Protein.    


sherpajohn said...

You'd love these!


Anonymous said...

Hell Yea!!

February 18, 2012: Frozen Dead Guy 50K What is the gain? or is it all down hill?

March 17, 2012: High Line Canal 100K This looks flat, but sound like a fun day; I am in.

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