Monday, January 30, 2012

Best Emergency Wind Pants for Ultra Runners: Mont-bell Dynamo

When I first started ultra running, not that long ago, I was very concerned about gear weight and I guess I still am.  My first self-sufficient race had a required gear list which included long pants.  It was the Aneto Marathon up in the Spanish  Pyrenees and took place in August, so in my mind I probably would not even need them.  Hence I wanted the lightest pair possible and spent a couple of weeks researching.  Finally I found the Mont-bell Dynamos.  Honestly, I had never even heard of Mont-Bell, but luckily, the mother ship was up in Boulder.  I tried them on, they fit great, compressed down to the size of a racquetball, and only weighed 2.8oz, but I still hesitated because they were pricy, $69; I bought them anyways.  The thing is they are the lightest and smallest pair I could find and now looking back, due to their size, I have no problem throwing them in to my Camelbak  or fanny pack for long runs, which makes them that much more practical.  It is Colorado, the weather changes every half hour.
On the negative side, I wish they were a bit more stretchy at least in the inseam & buttocks area.   Although they are not really inhibiting, I would consider going up a size. The next size up, the large, felt too big on me, so I went with the small.  But with all that said, they are really no different than any other wind pants in terms of flexibility.  
Here is a photo of me holding the pants in the stuff sack.  Compressed they are very small and I have relatively small hands. 


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