Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week 17– Mileage (11/28-12/4)


Man it has been a tough week, mainly because the weather killed my plans.  I wimped out a bit too, the cold winds and temps kept me from the outdoors – only got out once.  I generally don’t mind the cold, just couldn’t do it.   I still put the time in, but it is not the same and quit boring.  I tried to align my runs with the TV guide or picked out a good DVD to watch.  Nothing beats the outdoors, not even ROCKY.   I shouldn’t let the cold stop me though.

My original goal for Saturday was to run 27 miles with 4,500’ of gain at Lookout, but icy roads and cars scar me a bit.   So I spent three hours on the Elliptical in three separate sessions.  It wasn’t the same as my plans, let’s just call it a recovery week.  I focused on my heart rate and breaking it into multiple sessions made it quite tolerable.  

Session 1: One Hour with Average Heart Rate 145
Session 2: One Hour with Average Heart Rate 162
Session 3: One Hour with Average Heart Rate 155


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