Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rudolphs Revenge 10K– Feeling Younger in My Mind!

I think I got a bit slower over the last few years, even though I am training more than ever and harder than ever.  I know I haven't been training for a 10k, but in my mind I am definitely a sub 40 - 10ker at least that is what I thought.  I ran a 44:30 and it was on a completely flat course.  And I don't think I could have run faster today.  My BPM avg was 183 and my last stretch hit 195; I am thinking that I defiantly maxed out.  *This is the first week I have ever had a heart monitor.

My slowest 5k to date is 19:20, granted it has been a while since I ran a 5K and it was the race for the cure with tons of people to slow me down.  With all that said, it has been 12 years since my last 10K, wow it has been awhile, I guess I am not 28 anymore, it is just a lie I have been telling myself.  

Two years ago, I averaged a 7:24 /mile at the Colorado half even with my meniscus popping around mile 11.  I think getting fat last year really did its toll on me.   I guess I have to just rebuild that college foundation that I maintained for 20+ years. . . Somehow??  Must have been all that intense cross-training . . . rock climbing and mountaineering.

With all that wining, I had a blast and felt like I could have maintained that pace for another 10K or so. My cocky side talking.


Jill said...

Nice return to the 10k!! That's a great time really! I'm not a huge 10k (or 5k) fan but I know they are great speedwork. When you're just logging miles for the Leadville training, there isn't a lot of specific speedwork involved so you do lose a little speed. Very fun you got to run with your wife :).

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jill, I was surprised how much I enjoyed the run. I have been exclusively running trials and mountains for so long, I forgot how much fun the short park runs were. Usually my wife is running the 5k & 10Ks and I am with the kids. Now she has seen the trail life and did her first half marathon at Bear Creek state Park; She is hooked.

I plan on doing more non-T-shirt runs this year leading up to Leadville. It might be more fun than track workouts.

Marcus said...

Nice run! Enjoying the blog as well, good luck on your train-up for Leadville!

Anonymous said...

Marcus: Thanks, I am glad my students convinced me to document my adventure to Leadville. It has been fun.

*I actually saw a jackalope once, it was a snowy evening ice climbing in upstate NY. I remember it well since, it bolted out from the brush snagging its antlers on a branch dumping snow on to my gear and coffee. I couldn't believe my eyes and I will never forget that day.

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