Friday, December 2, 2011

QUAD ROCK 25 & 50 Mile – Fort Collins , May 12th

Capture223[5]Originally , my plan was to run the Collegiate Peaks 50 on May 5th April 28th, but I just came across the QUAD ROCK 50 on May 12th with 11,000’ of gain – over twice the gain.  It looks Awesome!!!  And I really love the Fort Collins area, so I think I am changing.

Start: Lory State Park (Soldier Canyon Picnic Area), Fort Collins, CO.
Distance: 25 Miles (5,500′) or 50 Miles (11,000′)
Date: Saturday May 12, 2012

<< See Elevation and Course Map Below >>



Jill said...

Does that have a 5-day cut off time? :)

Anonymous said...

Jill: You did Pikes Peak, you could fly on this course. It has a third of the gain, just stretched over 25 miles. The best part about a race like this, is you are going slow enough to enjoy the view. You will even have a faster time than PP.

PP 600' per mile
Quad 25 220' per mile

A walk in the park! AND it is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Jill: So are you in or what? Registration starts today . . .

erodda said...

Just to be clear, Collegiate Peaks is April 28th

Best of Luck in Fort Collins!
I Enjoy your Blog,

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I must have had a previous year's date or something. Totally missed that.

Yea, I have some training to do and Fort Collins will be a blast . . .

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