Monday, December 19, 2011

I TOOK THE WEEK OFF . . . Strained Front Part of Ankle


Last Saturday during my long run, 21.7 miles with 2900' of gain, I strained the front top part of my ankle. About mile 16 or so, I remember tightening my shoe lace on my right foot; I guess too tight. When I got home it hurt – ached. Every morning when I woke I was expecting to be pain free, but it didn't seem to go away. If I jogged around a bit it didn't seem to aggravate the ankle, but I wasn't going to take any chances - I took the week off. Normally, I would run through a mild injury like this because I am stupid that way, but I am in no hurry. My main goal is Leadville and that is still 242 days away.

The following Saturday, my foot felt pretty good, so since I was registered anyway for Rudolph's Revenge, I decided to give it a go. I figured if it hurt I would just back off. For the most part, I felt great. And today, it doesn't seem to hurt at all, maybe the race loosened it up for me??


Johann said...

Glad it's all better. Resting for something like that won't be easy for me although I know that is the right thing to do. The only thing keeping me from Leadville is the cost. Travelling from South Africa is just too expensive for me right now. I keep on dreaming though.

jay said...

I've recently recovered from a break in my foot. I found that the first few runs back absolutely loosened up the remaining issues I had. I wouldn't be surprised that your judicious application of rest followed by a solid effrot at Rudolph's Revenge really helped.
Come back to the big miles carefully though...

Anonymous said...

Johann: Thanks. Resting is so hard for me, I feel that I am wasting time or something. And the hardest part is starting back up again, I am glad it was a race to give me a kick start.

I remember in high school, after breaking my leg on a hurtle, and the day I removed the cast I went out and ran 10 miles. Now, the doctor said I could, but when I got home my father said one thing to me. . . "The doctor was being sarcastic."

Jay: I was hurting after Rudolph's, not my foot, I had a full body 'after race' ache. It felt like I gave my 100% though. I took an additional two days recovery and then got back on the trail today.

*I took an additional loop out of my laces to prevent any extra pressure on my ankle - just in case.

Unknown said...

My dear I can say that i'm an expert in sprained ankles. In the past three years my left ankle gave up on me so many times that i lost count. I've had torn ligaments, sprains, bones out of place... I've had so many physical therapy sessions, worn so many splints...whatever.

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