Tuesday, December 20, 2011


SKArunner_Mt_Falcon-BacksideNow, I always run with my camera, it reminds me to look around and enjoy the surroundings. I mean that is why I run, to get out in nature and escape the day. If I don’t want my workouts to become a chore, I have to make sure they are enjoying and a release. Training for Leadville will be my longest stretch and it is not going to be easy, it needs to be fun and something to look forward to. Some days will be tough that is for sure, but the bulk of the runs will be my escape. Leadville is just one race in one weekend, an awesome race no less, but what about the 300+ days of training leading up to it. For me Leadville is about the adventure that takes me to the race, but that day will be a different animal. 

Now, I will still train on the road and I do enjoy it, but in a different way.  It is for ‘zombie running’ or strength training.  And I love a good mindless workout.  There is something about the road, I don’t think about where my feet are landing, I think just about the push.  I crank the tunes, drink an espresso, and attack.  AND it feels good.  

Today, I got a late start, but it was a perfect. I essentially did two laps on Mt. Falcon with a bit of a twist. Ran 12 miles with 3136' of gain (522' /mile on the ups) at not rock star pace I might add, 13:38 avg and my bpm avg was 159. The snow was slippery, like running on sand, meaning I slid back a bit every step. I at least got a great workout and had a blast!

When I am on the trail I will soak it all in, if I see it, I will stop and enjoy.  Here are some of today's shots.






danger said...

Nice! I spent the morning at Apex. Have you connected Chimney Gulch w/ Apex? Could be the best of both loop.

Anonymous said...

danger: Yes, I have, but only by accident. It was my first day on Apex, I thought "Where does this go?" After running up Chimney. I was kicking myself at the last mile on the top. Wasn't planning on running that far that day.

Crank up Chimney, head across Beaver Brook, do the nature loop at the end, then head back, don't forget the scenic overlook, finish the top part of Chimney, head over to Buffalo Bill's for a refill, then trek over to Apex (outside loop?), pass through the Apex parking lot & the neighborhood to 6th AND THEN to the car (beer?). We did at least 37 miles that day.

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