Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Back to Lookout Mountain – The Deer are Too Tame

SKArunner_DeerI have been so lucky with my run days, they have been amazing.  Today, I wanted to get some miles in, like 30 or so, but that did not happen.  I had a very stressed out the day prior, ate just a buttered croissant all day, and didn’t sleep much.  Needless to say, it was tough starting out even after an espresso, a GU, and two Krispy Kremes.  I ran 4.6 miles consistently to the top of Lookout with 1390’ gain, turned around and back down as planned.  On the way down I became more and more lethargic, but I told myself I had to keep going.  I started to run up again, but I stopped after 1/8 of a mile and just stood there zombie like.  It must have been eight or so minutes.  After eating another gel and some fluids, I attempted again and only got ten more feet.  It was a battle, that little voice trying to convince me to head for the car.  Finally, I pulled out my iPhone and cranked some SKA.  It was amazing, I was running sub 9 min miles uphill after that.  Now I couldn’t hold it to the top, my body was just too wasted.  Either way, I was feeling good again and headed back down.  About a third of the way, I headed up a side trail getting in some more vertical gain – 500’.  I finished strong to the car. 

20 miles 3200’ of vertical gain. 

And had some great views along the way . . .

It was 3 feet away from me and I stood there for a minute or so. 



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