Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Snow Season is Here . . . Screw Your Shoes!

I am running on a lot more trails these days and the winter season is on top of us.  In the past I just kept to the roads and bike paths, the snows seem to melt by noon here in the Denver area.  With Leadville in my scopes, I am going to play on the trails a lot more this season and am thinking of throwing on some snow shoes and try out a race or two. 

Either way, I am going to play with an old pair of shoes and try out Matt Carpenter’s hot tip.  Check out his article,  The Screw Shoe For Running on Packed Snow and Ice!  ~ SKA Runner

Do you run on packed snow and ice? Are you tired of slipping and falling? The Screw Shoe is one solution to the problem! By inserting some screws into the bottom of your shoes you will be able to run in the worst conditions. The process is quick, easy and costs next to nothing :-)  
~ Matt Carpenter  < More >


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