Monday, November 28, 2011

Only in Ibiza! Trail Race Sponsored by Disco Clubs???

I have spent a number of summers in Ibiza, Spain and I am not a clubber – go figure, nor rich, I am just lucky I guess.  I am a nature lover and find the non-disco side of the island, which is easy if that is what you are looking for.  Last summer I spent a month on the island training for a mountain marathon held in the Pyrenees.  *Training for a mountain race on an island?  I wanted to make the race even harder, tempted by amazing food, days at the beaches, sauna like weather, dehydrated training runs, and all at sea level. 
Now, Ibiza has a bad rap, it is not just about disco clubs.  The island is beautiful, incredible rock climbing, limestone caving, kayaking, great mountain bike trails, amazing beaches, and great trails to run on.  The discos seem to overpower the media  though.  And these clubs are like going to Disney World and cost even more, over $120 just to enter .  . . Wow!  Good thing I am not a clubber, but I do get free tickets every once in a while.  And man, those clubs are insane.  
Yesterday, friends of mine hosted a mountain half marathon, I ran part of it over the summer – beautiful trail.  I saw the poster and laughed.  It is the only trail race in the world sponsored by disco clubs.  Only in Ibiza!


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