Sunday, November 27, 2011

My New Injinji Toesocks


As I mentioned earlier, Devil Mountain 50 was the first time I had blisters and knowing that my distances aren’t getting any shorter, I decided to be proactive and test some anti-blister methods.  I finally bought a pair of Injinji toesocks.  My first instinct was that they were going to be too thick between the toes, so I bought the performance series lightweight toesock, thinking the thinner the better.  I didn’t even notice the socks on during my run and the cushion between the toes seemed to kept them a bit dryer. So all and all, it was a good experience.   

Here is the thing, I have to test them with a really long run or even a race, preferably before Leadville.  One of my concerns for Leadville are that they are not that easy to put on fast and I am thinking that I will be a bit out of it too.  I don’t know how often I will be checking my feet, I guess that all depends on how they feel, but it will be at least two or three times.  Now I am assuming my crew will help me with it, but it could turn out to be a pain.  I will definitely wear them as the first pair and maybe swap out as needed.  I highly recommend them.    


jay said...

Ijinji Socks are absolutely the shi...
I wouldn't race in anything else. The extra time to put on more than makes up for itself thanks to their miraculous between toe blister prevention.
required gear.

robertlmartin23 said...

If you need help putting your socks on, your crew will help you!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear that, at the time I was thinking of wearing them as the first pair and then switching to a different pair latter on. I will test it on my training race. I was also told to wear a double pair by a veteran. Which I think is a great idea, little tight in the toes???, but I was thinking of wearing a traditional sock over them instead.

My buddy wears a sock with a double liner. He says it works great for blisters - that is the whole double sock thing.


Anonymous said...

Roberto: I am hoping so . . . I have one requirement though, if my toenails start falling off, you need to save them all. I am going to make a necklace with them.

Better yet, I think I will give you a pre-made necklace, because one way or another, I am finishing Leadville with all my toenails. Ha!!!

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