Friday, November 25, 2011

Mountain Running Training Videos - Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc

I know Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc is out of reach for a few years, not necessarily due to its physical strain, but due to its financial pain.  Either way, researching the race is better than watching re-runs on the tube.  I came across the North Face Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc "Get Ready For North Face Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc" series.  I know it is specific for Mont-Blanc, but some great advice from season ultra runners.  As I looked more into the “Get Ready For . . . “ series, they seem to have mini-series’ for a number of the big European races.  I will look in to those later.    
Cross Training: This video is a back and abs workout specifically for mountain ultra runners.  It is simple and something we could all add to our work outs.  I have not added any strength workouts to my training yet, but this is my next step.  Leadville is a serious race and I am going to do all I can to prepare.  Check out this workout. 

More Videos . . .

Endurance Hill Training: It seems that all I do is run in the hills, but am I training right? This video covers two hill training workouts, strength and endurance.  This work out would be great for all mountain runners.   
Heart Rate: I am new to heart rate training, but it is my next focus.  I will have a heart rate strap for my Garmin within the week.  This video covers how to improve your speed via Heart rate. 
Here are other great videos in the Get Ready for . . . Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc series
Get Ready For – Intro
Get Ready For Safety UTMB
Get Ready For,  Pre-race Nutrition
Get Ready For,  Nutrition

Get Ready For, Reconnaissance UTMB, 1/4
Get Ready For, Reconnaissance UTMB, 2/4
Get Ready For, Reconnaissance UTMB, 3/4
Get Ready For, Reconnaissance UTMB, 4/4
Get Ready For – Race Report UTMB 2011


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