Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mountain Hardwear Elmoro technical shirt


Look past the goofy grin, at the shirt I am wearing.  It is the Mountain Hardwear Elmoro short sleeve technical shirt and by far my favorite running shirt.  I was going through my running bin looking for a shirt to wear today on my run and could not find it. Now, I have at least 10 running shirts and since I bought this one, that is all I want to run in.  Without sounding like a cheesy  infomercial, “It is the only one I reach for”, seriously, it is true. 

In the past, I have gotten all my shirts of the REI’s clearance rack, but this shirt changed that.  First of all, one of my requirements, was that they have at least half zip and long sleeves, since I  always run in the mountains for long periods of time with fluctuating temperatures.  Now I bought the shirt for a specific race, the Aneto Marathon, a race that would be hotter than my typical mountain races.   So I bought a short sleeve shirt. 

Now I am back to my mountain races and it is getting colder out there.  I need along sleeve version of the Elmoro.  I went back to REI to get one and the entire chain was sold out, which was not typical.

Today, I went to the Mountain Hardwear site and looked it up and realized another reason why I love the shirt.  It doesn’t smell like my other shirts after a run.  I don’t know why, I don’t smell that bad, but these older shirts seemed to absorb and amplify the smell.   It was terrible!  The Elmoro has, according to the site, Natural Chitosan antimicrobial finish which controls the odor.  It honestly it does. 

So, it is hard to put in words why I really like it, but it feels rights, it breaths right, and it doesn’t smell. 


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