Sunday, October 23, 2011

Very Cool! Nike Vapor Flash Men's Running Jacket

When I first saw Nike Vapor Flash jacket, I thought it was cool as hell and I had to have it. Now don’t get me wrong, I still want one, but the price?  $350 . . .  Wow! I decided I don’t need it that bad. If Nike happens to send me one, I would  wear it all the time, not just for running either.  It is just way too cool.  At first glance it might look like just an average running jacket, minus the bright color and for the most part it is, but kill the lights and and have someone take a picture of you.  Your entire torso and arms will glow.  Imagine that coming at you as you drive home some night, it will probably scare the hell out of you.  With that said,  it might be one of the safer running jackets on the market and I want one.


Anders Dahl said...

I have the Team USA version, same jacket with Olympics graphics. It looks great and works amazingly well. Try taking a photo with a flash and people around you turn black. But it's doesn't breathe well and as a rain jacket, there are other better jackets.

Anders Dahl

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feedback . . . Did you compete in the Olympics? I figured it would be a great jacket for running at night, but looks like it is not that breathable.
Thanks . . .

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